World-Class Duck Hunting Trips

Our Warriors Give Us Purpose. We Give Back By Providing Them A Caring Place To Heal With Camaraderie And Understanding.

This Arkansas Duck House is used for serving great Americans during Arkansas duck hunting season. Today, groups of soldiers – all wounded warriors who have been severly injured and those military men who have earned Purple Heart or equivalent honors – are guests at the Arkansas Duck House for a weekend duck hunt. Many of the wounded warriors are emotionally stressed and while some have TBI, PTSD or loss of limbs and mobility, others show no outward signs of their wounds.

Visitors to one of our world-class duck hunts are treated to luxury accomodations and old fashioned country cooking in a supportive Christian environment. While the actual hunt is a main attraction, the time spent together with others from similar background in an understanding setting is the real prize. The camaraderie that quickly develops between our guests allows many to express themselves in ways they usually can't and forms life-long healing bonds.

Donations go toward providing the food, transportation, hunting clothes, equipment and other miscellaneous hunting lodge and land costs. DWS is committed to giving everything we can back to our wounded warriors. We have been able to sustain a program that covers all Soldier expenses other than a hunting license and duck stamps. We are transparent and professional in all that we say and do. The DWS business model for long-term sustainment is built on volunteers, not salaries. The generosity of our many donors has enabled us to serve those who’ve bravely served. Only through your continued support will we be able to sustain this effort.

From the pictures in the gallery you can see that we offer a unique and very powerful way for these soldiers to enjoy fellowship and the sport of waterfowl hunting.

Educational Scholarship Assistance

Darby's Warrior Support offers scholarships and support to military members who return home from war zones. "These service members face extreme challenges when they return home and try to step back into their lives, and those challenges are intensified when they have physical injuries that may make it difficult to find jobs", Army Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Jim Daniel says.

Many times when injured veterans are released from the hospital or rehabilitation, they face relocation, which means they will have to find housing, employment and, in most cases, continued medical care. Scholarships for our wounded warriors will go towards those veterans who want to work hard to become employed citizens with hard work, discipline and accountability.

Darby's Warrior Support plans to provide $15,000 in scholarship aid and create a team of mentors for one veteran, then add an additional veteran each year.

Darby's Warrior Support

“They can become one of two things when they are suddenly and severely handicapped,” Daniel said about wounded warriors. “Some become overachievers, and others use their injuries as an opportunity to coast along."

Darby's Warrior Support is interested in those who are motivated and capable of overcoming their injuries and are willing to work, along with a team of mentors, to achieve their life goals.

Darby's Warrior Support is proud to announce our first scholarship recipient, SGT Marshall Kennedy a Marine double amputee, is studying at the University of Arkansas to become a teacher. A home has been donated, and now we have recruited a mentoring team to support this proud Marine, his wife and two small children. One Fayetteville medical doctor has said, "Count me in, and I can bring others."

Arkansas Duck Hunting Land Donated for DWS:

February 2013, the Jubilee Foundation Inc., became the owner of 267 acres of NE Arkansas wetland duck hunting property and has since gifted use of the property to Darby's Warrior Support.

In honor of Francis Marion, one of America’s earliest combat rangers, the property will be named “Swamp Fox.”

Throughout Arkansas, the wealthy have their private hunting places. After this generous donation, the US Army Rangers wounded in combat also have their own place.

Darby's Warrior Support now controls approximately 1,500 acres of prime duck hunting property which the Foundation will utilize to serve those who have bravely served our nation.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to that small band of board members,trustees, friends, donors, volunteers and patriotic helpers who have made this dream come true.

When we have our welcoming reception for the Rangers, Chick-Fil-A provides vittles for over 40 people for free. Next time you get your chicken biscuit, please thank them for us.

DWS thanks FowlQuest for donating mechanical decoys for our duck hunters to use. High quality decoys and waterfowl equipment are their speciality, and their support of the military is appreciated.

Yeti and Hays Judsonia donated 2 large Yeti Coolers for DWS use, plus Hays donated Robo Ducks and numerous other items.

A huge thank you to Echo Calls for donating professional duck calls for our warriors.

A special thank you to Winchester for supplying DWS with ammunition. We truly appreciate your support.

SG-20 is the best adhesive sealant to use for patching waders and even boats. DWS loves using it and thanks SG-20 for their support.

Never Shall We Fail Our Comrades.